Yabatalou the Garden Project

Welcome to the garden project for the Dogon village of Yabatalou.
Have a look at the video, you will see how nice the Dogon people are :

The village of Yabatalou provides the land to make the vegetable garden. The men will do the digging, the women will get the gravel, sand is everywhere. But the techniciens, the cement, the concrete iron and the fence have to be bought. Click on the link to open the PDF with the detailed budget : Budget Yabatalou the Garden Project

Ivana Faber :
“New inspiring project of Coen Engelhard helping small villages to become self sufficient by constructing new gardens from a scratch. Inspiring to see what a contribution anyone can make can be to the whole village, but that’s not even half of it. When watching this short clip I got aware of the Earth there in Mali and the Earth in general being so happy with every well being constructed and every tree being planted.
What similar projects from different areas show is that you can actually change and enliven the climate in an area starting with smaller projects like this. Isn’t that just amazing? What else is possible there?”

Near Yabatalou

Please join the project, it’s great to be so many to enable together the realisation of this garden.

You can donate via PayPal : www.paypal.me/LaVieaEnde 

or with a Bank transfer at :
Coen Engelhard
in France :
IBAN FR76 1710 6000 7611 6056 1801 055
in Holland :
IBAN : NL05 ABNA 0567 011739


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