Viola da gamba

Coen viole renaissancecoen en gambas

Please visit the Renaissance violbows website

The viola da gambas I play are : a 7 string bass viol, Collichon model made by Guy Derat,
Renaissance alto, renaissance bass and a treble viol (Barak Norman model) made by Pierre Thouvenot, and a Violone in G (home made).

I was already a professional cellist when I started to play the Viola da gamba in 1989, taking lessons with Philippe Pierlot and later doing summerclasses with Jordi Savall in Spain. 

From 1995 till 2015 I was teaching the viol at the Conservatory/Music High school in Toulouse, directing also the Consortoulouse viol consort.
You can find the scores I made for classes and consort on the Partitions page.

I have done a lot of chambermusic and a lot of continuo with singers.

In 1997 I discovered an anonimous manuscript in the library of Foix, close to where I lived in the Pyrenees. I brought out the facsimile edition and a CD with theorbo player René Vayssières.

Since years I played the solos in the St Matheupassion and St Johns passion in Holland. But I decided to stop, this year 2017 is the last one. 

Troubadourmusic from Medieval France (renaissance alto viol) video on Youtube
Tobias Humes First part of Ayres (renaissance 6 string bass) example on Soundcloud
and The Foix Manuscript (7 string bass) Soundcloud

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