Access consciousness has wonderfull tools to help being more creative in life, opening up to more possibilities.  

You will find a lot of interesting information on the website www.accessconsciousness.com.

The Access process generaly starts with ‘the Bars‘. Touching certain points on the head, we get the energy bars between these points running and make it possible to let go of old jugements and points of view. It feels really good, to receive and to give the Bars !

I did three Barsclasses in France and in Holland to become a Barsfacilitator.
July 2014 I did the next class : Foundation/Level1 with Access-founder Gary Douglas in Amsterdam. In November I did the 3 day Bodyclass with Kacie Crisp, so you are welcome to have one of the mutiple Bodyprocesses like Immune system, Pain release or Access Energetic Facelift. They are very powerful.

please contact me at coenengelhard@gmail.com to have a session

or via : www.coenengelhard.accessconsciousness.com .

.This is really interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgGbFRjqQPk&spfreload=10

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