A vegetable garden in Africa

May 5th :
Please have a look at the recent vegetable garden project : Yabatalou

Dear friends,
don’t expect too much from elections and presidents. It’s from the bottom up, from the free individuals that we are, that we can expect something worthwhile in today’s world. If we dare to be authentic and creative, amazing things are possible.

For example : we can enable the inhabitants of villages in Mali to create a vegetable garden. The people used to make an income with tourism. But for the last five years, political tension has made tourists go elsewhere and the Dogon people are left alone, living their traditional way of life. Which is wonderful, but not providing enough money to invest in projects like this.

So, our participation in the garden project can be the financial part. Money is needed to dig a well and to make a fence around the garden to keep the goats and donkeys from eating the plants. 

I go regularly to the Dogon country and I feel being part of the village community. Imagine that you participate and you also come to visit the garden you enabled to come into life, eating the vegetables it is producing. Isn’t that a nice perspective ?

Please continue reading, and welcome to the projects ! 

Bagourou and Yabatalou are next to Endé, one of the best known Dogon villages, where Association Malikanu helped to make a garden a few years ago.
Many families now grow their own vegetables with success.

It’s one of the best projects a village can have actually, making it more self sufficient, producing healthy food for everybody.

I would like to use these garden projects also to experiment with the growing of plants and trees in the same space. The trees provide shadow, wood for construction and fire, work the soil and give humus. This can be a pilot project for the whole area.

We have made a garden in Bagourou early 2017. And the garden project for Yabatalou is fast going strong. It would be really nice to have you with us.

Send a message or donate directly via Paypal at www.paypal.me/LaVieaEnde

Welcome to the Dogon, Coen

Ps. it’s a crowdfunding, every amount is welcome


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